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Cracked Minds, Cracked Characters: 5. The Bar
Dib:  I rushed over to Zim, pausing after I got a little dizzy. Suddenly, my face broke into a grin. "Heh, now I got what I wanted!"
Zim:  "yeah yeah, you." I said, as I kissed him. How was I supposed to tell him!?
Dib: I clapped like a five year old. "Whee! Everything's perfect now!" I cuddled up as close to Zim as I could. "Pet me."
Dib: I stroked up at his chest, making a pathetic little cat noise. "Mmmm." I poked at his face. "You'z cute when your like that..." I grinned widely, showing off my perfect teeth that had become like that because the author says doth screw canon.
Zim: I started kissing him more and more, making everything seem like we were in heaven! After we made out for a while, Dib took control of the boot cruiser, going to somewhere.... But where?
Dib: I'd done a little exploring with Tak's ship, and found a great bar out a few miles past pluto. The trip took only two minutes on ludicrous speed. The ef
:icondark-pheonix99:Dark-Pheonix99 0 2
Cracked Minds, Cracked Characters: 4. Ultrasound
Dib: I yawned cutely, rolling over, straight into Zim's warm chest. "Did it work?" My hand drifted down to my stomach.
Zim: "I... I think so." I told him, kissing him. Dib then moaned. "What's wrong?" I asked him. He looked at me, smiling. "It... I felt it shift...." We then kissed, pulled the covers over us again, embracing all of us together. "Dibby and I.... We're having. A child!
Dib: I looked over at Zim, then nuzzled his stomach. "Parents... nyeh..."
Zim: "I know... I wonder if its a boy or girl..." Dib played with my sexy antennae, making us moan. "We have to prepare, Dibbers.... We need to go to the nursery today...." Dib nodded, before kissing me, and we began to make out and giggle like idiotic teenagers, but we were married, slo it was ok!
Dib: "Mm..." I moaned, running a finger along his chest. "You're amazing..."
Zim: "I know..." I moaned at him sucking at my antennae. "But we seriously have to go now Dibbers..
:icondark-pheonix99:Dark-Pheonix99 0 4
Cracked Minds, Cracked Chapters: 3. The Wedding!
Dib: My eyes blinked open, orange sunlight streaming through the window. The dust particles hanging in the air seemed like glitter. Glitter-OH! The wedding! I turned over, a goofy grin on my face as I saw Zim snuggle up closer to me. "Rise and shine, sweetie! today's the wedding!" My heart was racing happily in my chest. EVERYTHING WAS PERFECT.
Zim: My eyes woke open slowly, seeing Dib, as I smiled happily at him, I giggled, and kissed him, him repeating, and us having a magical moment... it would be even be better tonight... I would make Dibby all mine,mans no one else's....
Dib: "We better get dressed." I remarked lazily, wanting to get into my dress and see how good irken fabric felt firsthand but not wanting to leave that little happiness bubble.
Zim: "Of course." We kissed, got washed up, but the water didn't hurt me, because The power of love that Dib gave me made me forget the pain. Also, the kisses made sizzles,but who cares? I was in..
:icondark-pheonix99:Dark-Pheonix99 0 4
Cracked Minds, Cracked Chapters: 2. The Operation
Zim: (THE NEXT DAY) Dib and I slept together. I asked Dib not to strip my clothes, but he begged me to at least sleep in my pink bra. I finally agreed. He enjoyed it. We had breakfast, and we did some STUFF I'm the castle, but not THAT STUFF, LOL.
Dib: "So, what else are we gonna do today sweetie?" I asked, my voice perky. I started messing with his shirt and pulled him in for a quick kiss.
Zim: "Hmm..." I wondered. What could we do? "YOU decide, Dibby!" I poked his happily in the nose. "Oh, wait. We can go get your surgery today!" I dragged him out of the palace to the surgeon.
Dib: I swallowed thickly. I was determined to do it- for Zim!- but that didn't mean I couldn't be nervous. Wait, hadn't they discontinued anesthetic? I just hoped that was just a rumor...
Zim: we met with the doctor, and he went over the procedure. "Ok. Dib." He said happily. He was excited to help us create a child! "
Dib: I squirmed around in the
:icondark-pheonix99:Dark-Pheonix99 0 8
Stuffies I did :P I'm going to be frequently posting stuff from Minecraft Pocket Edition, me building, fighting off mobs, or whatever comes out cool ;)

ENJOY! Now go look at MAH stuff! :meow:


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